Would you like to feel...

  • free of your unwanted stuff?
  • less embarrassed and guilty?
  • organized & comfortable in your home/office?

...if so, I can help.


When you are ready for a change, but unsure how to proceed, give me a call. I will respectfully and empathetically coach you towards a happier situation, offering fresh, creative ideas and solutions.

I'll help you achieve shelf control.

Some numbers since 2003...

moving boxes 780 Moving boxes re-used   book boxes 95 Book boxes reused courtesy of www.squibbsstationers.com
e-waste 60 Bags of E-waste diverted   moving boxes 1 Kitchen donated to my niece
garage sales 17 Garage sales contributed to   moving boxes 1 130 year old cactus donated to the Toronto Zoo
van loads 360 Van loads diverted from land-fills   computers donated 1 Brides Dress given to www.bridesproject.com

sports equipment 4 Trips of sports equipment donated to local organizations   Food Donated 44 Bags of food & toiletries taken to the food bank

filing cabinets 3 Filing cabinets donated to the Weston Historical Society   diary 1 World War I diary donated to the Toronto Archives

...helping you without hurting the environment!