The Weston Historical Society General Meeting

On April 4, the Weston Historical Society held a general meeting with guest speaker Dr. Marianne Fedunkiw, who gave a lecture on the Social History of Medicine in 19th Century Canada. Attendees were treated to an evening of interesting and informative discussion as well as refreshments served by the Society. The Weston Historical Society strives to keep local history alive through their archives, public meetings, walking tours, and audio-visual displays.

Suri, Dr. Marianne Fedunkiw, Cherri, and Marylouise - Photo by Alex Filipe

"Cherri...your presentation to our Girl Guides on being a professional organizer & entrepreneur was wonderful. One of the girls said afterwards, 'I didn't know that was even a possible job!' That in itself tells me the girls were listening and learned something."
- 695th Toronto Guides

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